Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living scheme is designed to allow working adults with a learning disability and/or autism to maintain or develop their independence and be part of the community. The overall aim of the scheme is to provide sensitive residential and specialist accommodation, which is much needed in the local area. 

Currently, a lack of suitable accommodation options in Surrey means that a significant percentage of adults supported by ASC are placed out of county. These individuals are therefore distanced from their family and their social care professionals (Social Workers). Enabling people to return to and live in Surrey would reduce the need for families and SCC professionals to travel as far (often in a car) to maintain personal contact.

The future of Supported Independent Living in Surrey

Surrey County Council is committed to increasing the availability of Supported Independent Living Accommodation by 2030 through collaboration with independent partners and the use of its own assets and resources. The proposal we are currently developing for Horley will be:
• Designed so that you can live your life your own way.
• Created with your future in mind.
• Within the heart of the community.
• Designed to support and promote your independence.

Below, you can watch a video that explores the types of homes we will be providing, and the various amenities and resources that will be available for residents onsite.

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